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My Food Philosophy

I thought I’d share with you a little about my personal food philosophy…

To start, I love food.

I love buying food, making food, cooking food, eating food, creating food, looking at food, thinking about food… 🙂 In fact, I need to be careful and occasionally put myself on a “food fast” because it can take over my life – and anything that becomes an obsession is no longer healthy!

But the point of telling you how much I love food is to say that eating healthy does not need to mean sacrificing taste, flavour or enjoyment! Hopefully as you follow my blog and try some of the recipes/tips, you’ll discover this for yourself.

I’m not overweight but…

Ok, so if you don’t know me, you might just think that I have it easy because I’m not overweight. I must have a “great metabolism”, or something like that. But the reality is that I’m extremely careful with how I fuel my body [with healthy nutrition] and I work out at least 5 times a week. Why? It’s not just to look good in skinny jeans 🙂 I believe that maintaining a healthy weight is key to living a long, happy, free (unrestricted), healthy life! There are many things I want to accomplish in this life, and I don’t want to be held back by sickness, obesity, sluggishness, or insecurities that stem from disordered eating (I have struggled with this!). That’s why I believe in doing everything within my power to stay in health, and that’s what I hope to encourage you to do also!

Diets don’t work.
You’ve heard this before, you know it’s true, but then the next fad diet comes along promising 50 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks and you’re enticed again! I don’t believe in diets, and I don’t believe in quick fixes. Diets have a starting point, and an ending point. It’s what happens after the diet ends that is the problem – most people gain all the weight back and more (true). This blog and my personal philosophy is about creating a healthy lifestyle that can sustain you for the rest of your life!

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but preparation is key.

I’ve said this time and time again on this blog, but it really is true: preparation is the key to healthy eating.

I’m the girl who arrives to work with a huge lunch box full of my mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, afternoon tea, and huge water bottle.

My friends make fun of me because I have food in my purse at all times.

I never travel without bringing all of my own healthy snacks and meals; I even bring my Magic Bullet blender with me on vacation!

I do most of my food prep on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. And I have over 50 pieces of tupperware – easily.

I don’t leave the house without a healthy snack in case I get hungry (hunger without preparation means ending up at a coffee shop with an unhealthy muffin or donut in your hand!).
I struggle too.

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t always easy to make the healthy choice, to walk away from that extra piece of cake, or say no to the side of french fries. And I’m not always perfect (FAR from it!). In fact, I started this journey and blog because of my own struggles with disordered eating. I’ve had a longstanding battle with food and body image issues; you can read a little bit about it in my “Sugar Fast” post and I’ll be sharing more soon about my own struggles… But I’m learning to love my body for all that it is (healthy, strong, capable, created by God!) and to view food as an enjoyment and fuel, not a crutch. I’d love for you to join me on this journey toward living in health!
My favourite foods:

  • Hemp hearts
  • Kale
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Filet mignon
  • Arctic char & Halibut
  • Dark Chocolate (>85%)
  • Key Lime Pie!
  • Laksa

Things I never eat:

  • Wheat (cereal, bread, pasta, etc)
  • Fast food
  • Soda/pop, fruit juice
  • Deep fried foods
  • Chips (mainly because they don’t interest me)
  • Candy (I’m more of a dark chocolate fan)


Things I try my best to avoid:

  • Refined sugar
  • Trans fats
  • Processed foods
  • Boxed foods

My “cheat” foods:

  • Lindt 85% dark chocolate
  • Fish tacos (mmmm….)
  • Apple crumble
  • Dates & walnuts (I know this is weird, but a Medjool date with a walnut on top is sooooo yummy!)
  • New restaurants (ok, so this isn’t technically a food, but I’m a foodie so I love checking out the restaurant scene in Toronto! But healthy choices when you’re eating out aren’t usually as healthy as a good home-cooked meal)


Staple foods in my diet:
  • Spinach (I incorporate spinach into almost every meal, including dessert!)
  • Eggs & egg whites (quick, easy protein when you’re busy!)
  • Almonds & almond butter (Love!)
  • Hemp hearts (for healthy omega 3 FAs)
  • Chicken breast (skinless, boneless of course)
  • Bananas (they are my main carb source for workouts)

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