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Tips to Keep off the Holiday Pounds!

Christmas is just around the corner, and many holiday parties have already begun… not to mention cookie exchanges, Toblerlone and Ferrero Rocher chocolates filling the workplace, and special holiday cocktails full of creamy eggnog and candycane!


This paragraph could also read as follows:
Christmas is just around the corner, and many holidays parties have already begun… not to mention the calories, calories, calories filling the workplace, and special holiday cocktails full of sugar, sugar and sugar!
Hehe.. just kidding. Kinda.
But seriously, is the holiday bulge simply an inevitability? Should we resign to the fact that all the hard work of the past few months is bound to be lost over a short two-week period of over-indulgence?
I say NO! 🙂
Recognize that health is a lifestyle and a lifelong commitment; you are in this for the long run! You’re not on a diet that has an endpoint, you’re on a lifelong journey of making right food choices and committing to health so that you can live life to the fullest!
Here are some tips to keep off the holiday pounds and continue in the success that you’ve already achieved toward your health!

1. No more excuses.


  • Using the holidays as an excuse to throw away your commitment to health is … well, it just stinks!
  • Don’t think of the holiday season as an exception to your healthy lifestyle; think of it as an opportunity to celebrate your healthy lifestyle! [Yeah you look hot in that little black dress!]
  • Tell yourself: no more excuses. Instead, walk confidently past the mounds of chocolates and cookies in the office, knowing that you deserve better than the secret guilt and shame that come after over-eating.
  • Love your body, you only get one.


2. Always bring a snack.


  • My friends laugh at me for this, but I pretty much always have food with me.  Sometimes it’s a sliced apple with some raw almonds, other times it’s a chicken veggie muffin. Whatever it is, I keep snacks in my purse or in the car so that I don’t run the risk of getting overly hungry and making a bad food choice.
  • Snack ideas: as above. Or carrots & hummus, dark chocolate and nuts, rice crackers and almond butter.


3. Choose your indulgence.


  • Ok, I don’t expect you [or me!] to completely boycott the dessert table at your Christmas dinner. But choose one “indulgence”, and keep everything else in moderation.
  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Then eat clean throughout the evening knowing that you’ll splurge a little at dessert.
  • Or do you crave the salty snacks? Then enjoy a few chips but skip the apple pie after supper.


4. Every little bit adds up.


  • Every right food choice you make is a step toward living healthier. Congratulate yourself when you make a healthy food choice and know that you’re honouring your body!
  • On the other hand, every seemingly insignificant indulgence (that mini candycane you picked up from the bowl at the bank, or the shot of chocolate peppermint in your latte) also adds up to extra calories that pack on the pounds. So be conscious and mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. That body of yours deserves to be treated well!


I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m praying for abundant blessings over all of you.
Remember, eat clean, stay active and LIVE IN HEALTH!

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